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If you want to visit a New York alternative, away from the chaos and traditional monuments, this mini-guide is what you were looking for.


Most tourists who go for the first time in New York wants visitarne all symbols that identify it but understands that little time alone will give him the mere perception of the visit. To know the true face of the Big Apple, you have to learn to come out only by tourist paths and decide to follow the routes of a New York alternative. If you have 10 or 15 days to visit this metropolis you can decide to dedicate a part of the usual landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Fifth Avenue and the remaining vacation at all tourist destinations and attractions.

One of the top places to visit in New York alternative is Hell’s Kitchen, the most typical flea market, where you buy the strangest objects to give to friends. Remember to haggle on the price, because was gaining second hand merchandise.

Who has not triggered at least once on the music of the Beatles? In New York you can decide to take a tour to discover the different places have become famous thanks to the permanence of this band. Some of the location not to be missed are the Dakota Apartments, John Lennon’s house, the Plaza Hotel and Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

If you want to treat yourself to a relaxing day on the last day you can go and visit Coney Island, the oldest in America’s playground. Here you can spend your time on the Ferris wheel or deciding to go for long walks by the sea and on the time also make a nice bath. It seems to be in a New York very different from what you have visited in the previous days.

It’s the first, the second or the hundredth time you visit the Big Apple, an advice is still valid: remember to wear comfortable shoes for all kilometers along it on foot. Now that you know these little tips to visit a New York alternative you just need to book the currency before you leave and get on the next plane bound for the United States of America.

Life insurance

Life insurance, how it works? About policies, what is the best solution?
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How does life insurance? There is so much confusion around, very often confused with the insurance asset management: what happens to both financial ignorance of customers who for some rather questionable policies implemented by major insurance companies. Today we will try to shed light on this point, in order to identify whether it is convenient or not to enter into such a contract, who benefits and when. If you’ve come for the first time on My Business, you should read the “Insurance” of the blog where you store all of our articles on the subject and those of space entirely dedicated to the insurance sector we have opened subsequently to the initial intentions to treat more specifically the theme.
First, we clarify how the life insurance. It is a contract between the customer and the insurance company that can be of three types:

Insurance in case of death
If life insurance
mixed policy

In our article devoted to endowment policies “passed off” for supplementary pensions, we explained the difference between these three types.
In any case it may be useful to say that the policy in case of death works, to explain it simply, like car insurance: you pay a certain amount to make a sum of money in case of death.
If the policy life, however, sees the payment of a sum of money in order to receive, at maturity (it is usually the medium to long given time), an annuity or around the capital.
The mixed policy, finally, brings together these first two models and was one of the best selling products from insurance until a few years ago, until the early 2000s, in fact, there was a chance to enjoy much more generous tax breaks compared to date.
Now that we understand how life insurance, we try to figure out when and whether it makes sense to do it.

The policy in case of death is appropriate for those who want to make a capital in case of premature death, perhaps because it performs work that involves exposure to high risks. It is not very expensive and you can deduct for tax purposes 19%. Clearly pours “grant” because expired year the money is essentially “lost.”
The policy case life is generally put a product on the market for savers. My business recensisce periodically the most famous policies (some are listed in the above link) even if today it seems to be losing appeal because of the high costs and poor returns.
The mixed policy, finally, is a combination that was once placed with the aim essentially to “recover” the amount paid for the risk cover with the progressive accumulation of capital whose interests would (but not always) filled the costs . Today seems to be in fashion, passing though various companies tend to offer it.

conclusions of My Business: should engage in life insurance?

It depends on the needs. Our advice is to just make insurance covering the risk of premature death if it feels particularly exposed, then managing the savings in a different and more profitable. My business reviews the various solutions on the market: current accounts, deposit accounts, postal and bank investments. A complex galaxy in which you can move with skill, putting in place and implementing decisions, only if adequately informed.

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